Philosophy and Territory

At 420 m above sea level, on the hill of San Pietro di Cossano Belbo, among the ancient and precious dry-stone walls, stands our farm surrounded by the breathtaking panorama offered by the Langhe, a UNESCO heritage site.

Our soil

The soil on which our vines rest is varied: to the north the marl stands out, making the soil calcareous and clayey, while the south-facing slope is more sandy and arid due to the presence of sandstone. The limestone, a typical element of the Langa lands, tends to give the soil a whitish colour which is fundamental for the ripening of the grapes: in fact, the white colour, reflecting the sun's rays, directs the heat and brightness towards the bunches, favouring their ripening.

Our native grapes

We adapt to every type of terrain a particular production of fine grapes concentrating, in particular, on native varieties such as Favorita, Moscato, Barbera, Nebbiolo and Dolcetto to produce a wine with a full taste and a strong personality. The choice to focus on native varieties of the area reflects the philosophy of enhancing the peculiarities and great resources that our territory offers us.

Our environmental sustainability

Only by respecting the environment and the times of nature is it possible to produce wines that are full expression of our territory. It is for this reason that for several years we are investing our resources to be more and more sustainable. Our method of production involves two main characteristics: using techniques and products that are compatible with environmental sustainability while having, at the same time, a product of the highest quality. The choice of having a lower quantitative yield, but better in terms of quality, leads us to try to perfect ourselves on a daily basis.